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    Fee Collection – a malpractice risk

    Counter suits arising from fee disputes are one of the most common sources of malpractice claims against CPAs. In fact, such suits are a great risk for many professionals.
    Any steps …

    IRS Warns CPAs: Beware of Phishing

    Guest bloggers from the law firm Goldberg Segala posted the following which we thought is timely and pertinent:
    Businesses are increasingly becoming the targets of sophisticated cyber-attacks, and professionals are no exception.  …

    Risk Management for Tax Engagements

    According to the AICPA, in 1990 tax engagement were responsible for 42 per cent of all malpractice claims filed against CPA. Fast-forward to today and that apportionment of losses hasn’t …

    Top five ways to get sued:

    # 5 ‐ Relying upon professional standards compliance vs. “doing the job right.”
    Professional standards confuse juries.  All the 12 good men and women care about is doing your job correctly.  …

    How to get sued……

    There have been many articles about how to avoid law suits and what you should not do to attract problems with clients. So with a tongue firmly implanted in the …