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    How Long Is Too Long to Wait for Malpractice Actions?

    By Seth L. Laver, Andrew P. Carroll and Sean P. Beiter  of Goldberg Segalla
    Guest bloggers from the law firm Goldberg Segalla posted the following which we thought is timely and pertinent:
    One …

    When to disengage

    by Rickard Jorgensen, FCII, ACIArb., ARM
    Suspending services to a client can be fraught with problems and if not handled carefully could result in a malpractice lawsuit.  The following scenarios may …

    W2 Phishing scams

    What has become a common feature of the post-Holiday season is the W2 phishing scam.  This is a sophisticated social engineering attack to dupe clients’ payroll and HR departments into …

    Example IRS Circular 230 Email Disclaimer

    A client recently requested an appropriate disclaimer for email communications. Ralph Picardi, risk management consultant to CPAGold™, suggested the following clause.  This is a repeat of our earlier posting here …

    What are you really covered for and why a comprehensive definition of ...

    by Rickard Jorgensen, FCII, ACIArb., ARM
    A recent podcast in Accounting Today highlighted the fact that CPA firms aren’t just merging with other CPA firms any more – they are looking …