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    Put it in writing – Guidelines for file documentation

    Documentation can help you avoid, or at least minimize, professional liability claims. It helps improve communication between your clients and staff. Documentation also provides value-added service to clients, while creating …

    How To Minimize The Damage Of Lawsuits

    by Rickard Jorgensen, FCII, ACIArb., ARM
    Things Beyond Your Control That Precipitate Lawsuits
    With the advent of the computer era and information age, the cultural and business climate of the nation, and …

    An overview of the client screening process

    By Rickard Jorgensen, FCII, ACIArb, ARM
    Extracted from Evaluating Clients – Engagement risk screening for CPA firms.
    There are solid reasons for screening new clients.  Many involve not getting paid, exposure to …

    Scam of the Week: Phishing Moves to Smishing

    Internet bad guys are increasingly trying to circumvent your spam filters and instead are targeting your users directly through their smartphone with smishing attacks, which are hard to stop.
    The practice …

    The Growing Insider Threat

    Reposted from here
    A security threat originating from within the organization which is targeted or attacked is an insider threat. Insider attacks are rapidly increasing and becoming more prevalent in …