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Do’s & Don’t when submitting tax filings this year

Here’s an article from CPA Trendlines by Rick Telberg which is pretty helpful.  The salient point according to Experian are that Tax filers should keep the following actions in mind when submitting taxes this year:


  1. Research any paid preparer or tax-preparation software. While plenty of free help can be found online, scammers also are out there setting up fake websites and software downloads solely designed to bilk people out of their personal information during tax time.
  2. File online using a computer that is protected with up-to-date antivirus and antimalware software, a firewall and password.
  3. Keep important tax documents in a locked, secure location.
  4. Ask potential tax preparers to explain how they protect their customers’ information.
  5. Enroll in identity protection and take action if alerts indicate potentially fraudulent activity.


  1. Respond to any email, text message or phone call from someone who says they’re with the IRS. The IRS says it never contacts taxpayers through those methods.
  2. Let letters linger in your mailbox. During January, important tax documents will arrive via the mail. Thieves know this and have been known to pluck data-rich forms from victims’ mailboxes during tax season.
  3. File taxes over public wifi networks. Stick with a secure network connection for all online activity


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