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A Retrospective:

It’s been over a year and a half since we started posting blogs. I thought it would be helpful if this month we posted a list of the topics to allow our members to look at some of our past blogs.

10 “Get Out of Court Free” Cards

Segregation of risk in an accounting firm

IRS Circular 230

Affirmative Conduct Engagement Letters

The CPAGold risk management hotline

How to cut your professional liability insurance premium.

When being helpful can backfire – admission of guilt

Accountants targeted in new wave of wire transfer scams.

Limit your exposure to failure to detect fraud

Failure to Detect Fraud – Suggested Limitation Clauses

How to Protect Your Firm Against Cyber Liability

8 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft

Demystifying Cyber Insurance Policies

The Top 10 Data Breaches in 2014

What is Cyber Liability and why should I care?

Cyber Loss: The Non-Insurable Impact

Cyber Loss: The Insurable Impact

Cyber Loss: Controls to Reduce Loss Exposure

Ten Tips to Maximize Insurance Recovery of Cyber-Related Losses

What is employee dishonesty insurance and what does it mean to my practice?

Time for an Updated Cyber Risk Approach; BPI Data Breach

Engagement Risk Assessment in Action

UPDATE ON TAX REFUND FRAUD – a new variation

Fraudulent Electronic Funds Transfer Requests (An Engagement-Letter Solution)

Do’s & Don’t when submitting tax filings this year

When Your Client Should, but Won’t, File Form 3115

Reforming Your Firm’s Email Policies and Procedures

The Accountant’s Privilege (Does Your State Have One, and What Should You Do if it Does?)

Don’t Void Your Coverage

Being Careful with New Clients – Spotting Scams as a Lawyer or Certified Public Accountant

What is CPAGold™?

How to Assess the Financial Strength of Insurance Companies

Protecting Confidential Data

Engagements to Disburse Client Funds (A Hazardous Area of Your Practice)

What to avoid at a Deposition

Joint 1040s, Divorce, and Communicating With the “Other” Spouse (and Understanding Who Your Client Really Is)

What you must do after a cyber attack.

10 Traps in Your D&O Insurance

Embezzlement (Coming Soon to a Client Near You)

Limiting Liability to the Accountant

A small step to avoid a big exposure in Wire Transfer Fraud

Interim Billing and Detailed Invoices (Tools for Avoiding Fee Disputes)

Responding to Subpoenas for Tax Return Information (In Light of IRC Section 7216)

Accountants: You’re Privileged Too

Signed Original Documents (To Retain or Not to Retain)

De-mergers and prior acts coverage.

Protect and Collect with an Engagement Letter

Coverage Denied for Failing to Report

Limitation of Liability Clause Not Enough to Protect Accountant

Cyber Extortion and what it means to a CPA Firm.

FTC says Tax ID Theft is the fasting growing area of complaints

Example Of Mediation Provision For Engagement Letters

Examples of Limitation of Liability Clauses

Template Outline for File-Retention Policy

Successor Liability from the Purchase of an Accounting firm Assets: Do you also Acquire the Professional Liability Exposure?

Risk & Insurance Implications Of Mergers & Acquisitions

Coordinating Accountants’ Professional Liability Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance

Coverage Denied for Attorney Mixing Legal and Business Advice

Cyber Insurance: Make Sure You Understand Your Coverage

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