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QBE Cyber Resources – eRiskHub.


A recent report from Netdilgence highlighted the increasingly difficult cyber risk environment for by business.  A copy of the paper is available  here.

CPAGold™ members have access to a broad range of cyber risk services. One of the most useful is the substantial support and resources provided by eRiskHub.

eRiskHub offers a range of tools and information to help CPAGold™ members  understand cyber exposures, develop a response plan and minimize the effects of a breach on your firm.  And all at no charge.

Key Features include:

  • Incident Roadmap – includes suggested steps to take following a network or data breach incident, free consultation with a BreachCoach® and access to a breach response team
  • News Center – cyber risk stories, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events and helpful industry links
  • Learning Center – best-practices articles, white papers and webinars from leading technical and legal practitioners
  • Risk Manager Tools – assists you in managing your cyber risk including a self-assessment and state breach notification laws
  • Partner Resources – a directory to quickly find external resources with expertise in pre and post-breach disciplines
  • Cause of Loss Tool – understand the threats that you face.
  • Breach Notification law Map – an interactive map which identifies your obligations in each State.
  • Claims scenarios – 6 years of claims data has been analyzed with claims narratives.
  • Security Training page – training videos and a whole section dedicated to phishing.

Go to here for more details.  A copy of the access code is included with each CPAGold™ policy.  However, if you don’t have this contact Rick Jorgensen on (201) 345 2440.


Jorgensen & Company are not attorneys and do not offer any form of legal advice. Consult with appropriately qualified local counsel for more assistance. Rickard Jorgensen is President and Chief Underwriting Officer for the CPAGold™ program and may be contacted at (201) 345 2440 or