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Engagement Letter Defense Rejected

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This month, guest blogger Seth L. Laver of Goldberg Segalla writes about a recent legal development concerning the use of engagement letters in the defense of accountants’ malpractice claims. ——————————————————————————————————————— We often write about the importance of engagement letters, in fact we have an entire sub-category devoted to engagement letter defenses. That’s because the engagement […]

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Can a Single Lawsuit = Multiple Claims?

by Seth L. Laver, Michael P. Luongo and Michael T. Glascott Professional liability insurance is necessary to any responsibly-run professional practice. The limits of coverage available under an E&O policy help to protect professionals against financial loss.  However, the limits of coverage between different policies do not necessarily offer the same protection, even if the […]

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Road Map of a Malpractice Lawsuit

By Jason Subbie & Ralph Picardi, Esq. Litigation is a punishing marathon. The process exacts an exhausting toll on the parties.  A complex dispute can take several years from the date of the initial client dispute to the final verdict. And then, just when you think the dust has settled, there are almost always appeals. […]

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