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Coverage with CPAGold™

For nearly twenty years, CPAGold™ has strived to be the most innovative and forward thinking professional liability insurance program for accountants. Our member firms face new and more difficult challenges which test the mettle of even well-managed practices. New areas of practice, new ways of doing business, new theories of negligence and new classes of potential claimants all combine to form the perfect storm through which only the best managing partners can navigate.

CPAGold™ program offers significant advantages over our competitors.  A few of the highlights of the program are:

  • ✓ Free built-in cyber liability coverage, and the ability to add additional first party coverage (e.g. notification costs, assets protection, extortion, loss of profits) of up to $1,000,000.
  • ✓ No “hammer clause” – this means you control the settlement of any claim.
  • ✓ Coverage for fines levied against you arising from Internal Revenue Codes §7216, §6694, and §6695A built into the policy.
  • ✓ Built in reducing deductible.
  • ✓ A broad definition of professional services – not just limited to accounting and consulting.
  • ✓ Two year policy available to qualifying firms – with the ability to restate the limit in the second term.
  • ✓ Excellent loss control resources, regular blog postings and the services of Ralph Picardi via a toll free pre-claims assistance line.

CPAGold™ is underwritten via strong, stable carrier - the program is underwritten by QBE Insurance – rated “A” excellent by A. M. Best and “A+” by S&P – a $42 billion asset company ( ).

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