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Risk Management

CPE Course

We provide a 12 hours credit Continuing Professional Education course to members. This is QAS approved by NASBA. Go to for details.



Individual risk management seminars may be arranged for larger firms or groups of professionals. These are presented by Ralph Picardi or another CPA-Attorney. The expense of these individual seminars is often shared with the firm or group. Live seminars grant 4 hours CPE credits.  Please go here for a recorded version of the last risk management webinar.  There is also a new webinar from Accounting Today: “Liability Issues: What is threatening your firm.”


Engagement letters

Go to engagement letters for details. This is a password protected library – ask your agent for assistance.


Client Evaluation

Go here for a copy this white paper.  Go to here for a copy of the Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is an MS Word document and might take a minute to load. The white paper requires completion of a short input form and will be sent directly to your in-box.


Most businesses collect or hold personally identifying information (PII) about customers, employees, or business partners. If this PII is lost or stolen, this places not just these persons at risk of identity theft but the PII custodian and controller at risk of civil liability and criminal sanctions, too.  Have you considered these questions?

  • Where do I store confidential information?
  • What steps can I take to improve data protection?
  • Does my firm have the external resources to protect itself from Cyber Liability?
  • Do we have written guidelines and procedures for lost files, media storage devices, and other electronic equipment?

We breakdown these questions and more here: Cyber Liability Discussion Paper

Go here for the cyber security checklist


Data breaches can be innocent or sinister, but either way, the consequences for an organization sustaining a breach can be costly if not catastrophic. The impacts can be qualified into two basic categories: insurable and non-insurable. This paper considers the impacts of both category types and controls to put in place to reduce loss exposure.  Find the paper here: Cyber Loss: Impacts and Controls

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