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Up in Smoke II – What’s happening in Banking?

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by Rickard Jorgensen, FCII, ARM, ACIArb Although not directly connected to the practice of accounting it is useful to know what is happening in other industries. In this case in particular, we are talking about the highly controversial cannabis business. Big Tobacco and the brewing industry are watching with great interest developments at the Department […]

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An overview of the client screening process

By Rickard Jorgensen, FCII, ACIArb, ARM Extracted from Evaluating Clients – Engagement risk screening for CPA firms. There are solid reasons for screening new clients.  Many involve not getting paid, exposure to lawsuits or even the stress related to difficult individuals.  Effective client screening can avoid these problems. Implementing a formal screening process is the […]

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The Risk of Being Consistent

(How Claims Arise From Following Past Work and not Our Independent Judgment) By Ralph G. Picardi, Esq. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds….” When Ralph Waldo Emerson penned those words in his essay, Self-Reliance, almost 175 years ago I think it is fair to say he didn’t have accounting risk management in […]

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IRS Warns CPAs: Beware of Phishing

Guest bloggers from the law firm Goldberg Segala posted the following which we thought is timely and pertinent: Businesses are increasingly becoming the targets of sophisticated cyber-attacks, and professionals are no exception.  When cyber-criminals breach a professional service firm, they not only may gain access to the firm’s corporate data, but also confidential information from the […]

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How to get sued……

There have been many articles about how to avoid law suits and what you should not do to attract problems with clients. So with a tongue firmly implanted in the cheek, we thought it would be fun to tell you what you should do to get sued. Accept an assignment that is beyond your expertise […]

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Evaluating Clients – Part Two – Assessing Potential Clients

A new prospective client is an exciting opportunity.  However, even if the prospect comes from a referral you need to get a complete understanding of the potential client’s business and have a chat with the former CPA. At the initial meetings you will want to promote your firm’s services but also find out what sort […]

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Evaluating Clients – Part One – Why you should evaluate clients?

It’s tough to find new clients so any new opportunity is usually a good thing – particular if the client comes from a referral. But even good things require a degree of scrutiny and prudence. Today’s litigious society means that some people are lawsuit happy; some are dishonest; some are even crooks. These are not […]

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