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Limiting Malpractice through Scope of Engagement

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by guest bloggers Jennifer H. Feldscher and Seth L. Laver. A recent NY Appellate Division decision serves as another reminder of the importance of carefully defining the scope of engagement in an engagement letter. This is because, under New York law, an attorney may not be held liable for failing to act outside the scope […]

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Is a Client’s Criminal Prosecution Foreseeable?

By Seth L. Laver, Michael P. Luongo and Sarah J. Delaney of Goldberg Segalla Guest bloggers from the law firm Goldberg Segalla posted the following which we thought is timely and pertinent: Professionals assume a duty of care to their clients.  Accordingly, professionals may be held liable for damages to clients that are proximately caused by […]

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IRS Warns CPAs: Beware of Phishing

Guest bloggers from the law firm Goldberg Segala posted the following which we thought is timely and pertinent: Businesses are increasingly becoming the targets of sophisticated cyber-attacks, and professionals are no exception.  When cyber-criminals breach a professional service firm, they not only may gain access to the firm’s corporate data, but also confidential information from the […]

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A Retrospective:

It’s been over a year and a half since we started posting blogs. I thought it would be helpful if this month we posted a list of the topics to allow our members to look at some of our past blogs. 10 “Get Out of Court Free” Cards – Segregation of risk in an accounting […]

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Coverage Denied for Attorney Mixing Legal and Business Advice

By Seth L. Laver, Jennifer M. Mannion and Christopher G. Floreale  (with additional remarks by Rickard Jorgensen). Although the following article by our friends at Goldberg Segalla pertains to lawyers’ professional liability exposure, there are many common elements to the exposures faced by CPAs.  Often CPAs mix accounting and tax services with business advice and […]

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Examples of Limitation of Liability Clauses

By Seth L. Laver, (with additional remarks by Rickard Jorgensen). Following the recent article (here) about limitation of liability clauses, I asked Seth L. Laver if he could suggest a limitation of liability wording for engagement letters.  This was the response: Before we get to the proposed language, a disclaimer: the enforcement of these clauses vary […]

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