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Webinar:  Malpractice Insurance – what accountants need to know

On May 16th, 2017 we held a Webinar for members and friends of CPAGold.

Course Description

Ralph Picardi, esq

The CPAGold risk management course is presented by Ralph Picardi, Esq. of Picardi, LLC. The course is designed to give participants an appreciation of the practice environment and what services give rise to professional liability claims with specific focus upon failure to detect fraud. The course provides guidance on engagement risk assessment and basic client screening, the type of claims notified to insurers, theories of liability and the most common complaints and the most common complaints. Specific attention is paid to fraud claims and embezzlement and the management of these risks and the use of disclaimers in communications.

A must attend webinar for CPA practitioners.“”Extremely valuable information!!“”Genuinely great, informative webinar. This was not at all just another webinar from someone trying to sell their product, but a truly instructive hour and a half.“”Great presentation. More, please.“”I would like to have more webinars from the presenter! He was very good!“”Ralph was very knowledgeable about the topic. It was presented in a way that an accountant, like myself, could relate to and understand.

The link to a video recording of the course is here

Polling questions from the course are here