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Equifax Breach – what to tell clients

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We have received a number of inquiries from CPA firms asking about what advice they can give to clients to assist them to estsablish whether a client’s Personal Identifiable information has been compromise by the Equifax breach. The following is a draft of a communication that can be modified to fit the needs of your clients here. […]

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The Growing Insider Threat

By LIFARS Reposted from here A security threat originating from within the organization which is targeted or attacked is an insider threat. Insider attacks are rapidly increasing and becoming more prevalent in organizations. In the past year, believe insider attacks have become more frequent. Any present or former employee who at one point had access […]

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Do’s & Don’t when submitting tax filings this year

Here’s an article from CPA Trendlines by Rick Telberg which is pretty helpful.  The salient point according to Experian are that Tax filers should keep the following actions in mind when submitting taxes this year: Do: Research any paid preparer or tax-preparation software. While plenty of free help can be found online, scammers also are out […]

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